CrossFit Mill Town has changed my life! I walked into those doors feeling so incredibly overweight, out of shape, and scared. Initially, my only motivation was to lose weight–and I did–about 25 lbs in my first couple months. Even more rewarding, though, is what I have gained in confidence, strength, and determination, all of which have positively influenced every aspect of my life. I couldn’t be more grateful for Brandon who was patient enough to coach me as I fumbled my way through workouts and still challenging enough to push me to do things I would NEVER have accomplished on my own. I’m also thankful for such a dynamic community in which encouragement and competition exist together so perfectly. I always feel accepted and comfortable, but I’m consistently inspired by others to reach for the next level and greater achievement. Hands down…it’s my favorite hour of the day.  – Marcy


I have had an amazing experience at CrossFit Milltown! Thanks to Brandon I have lost all my baby weight and then some. I feel stronger and healthier, physically and mentally, than I have ever been in my whole life.   Brandon is passionate about training and even more about helping his clients. He is always there when you need a little motivation and pushes you further than you think are capable and makes you amazed at what you can do. He has created a CrossFit family where others are also there for support. I have had a wonderful experience with Amber as well. She is always there for an extra push and helps to make sure you get are getting everything out a workout.  I have really enjoyed my experience there and can’t imagine working out any other way.  – Maegan


A friend of mine came into my office looking really fit and healthy. I asked her what she was doing and she told me about Brandon and CrossFit Mill Town. I started going and all I can say is “WOW”!!!  I’ve had personal trainers in the past, run marathons, and work out very regularly but this is different than what I’ve ever experienced. The workouts will push you to where you normally wouldn’t push yourself.  You do exercises that increase your strength and agility and it works!  I am stronger, leaner and have definition where I couldn’t achieve these results doing what I was doing in the past. I highly recommend CrossFit with Brandon. – Minou


Even though I have been a fitness instructor for ten plus years I am fairly new to CrossFit, only three months…besides becoming a mom I have never worked so hard but loved it so much at the same time! I love seeing how much stronger faster and leaner my body is getting so much that i quit teaching my spin class so I could do CrossFit full time. Brandon is such a great coach, he pushes you hard and never let’s you quit no matter how tired you are…then you realized you just did a 100 pull ups and it’s only then you understand why he does what he does! Thanks Brandon for making our lives better everyday. –  Nikki


CrossFit Mill Town has truly changed me. Aside from my family…it is the best decision that I have ever made. I walked into the gym, blindly, feeling overwhelmed with my overweight body and dying spirit. With tears in my eyes…I begged, “Help me.” With the encouragement of Brandon Evenson and the CrossFit family, my expectations have greatly been exceeded and I can call myself an athlete again. I lost 25 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 6. This boost in my confidence has affected EVERY part of my life. I have convinced over 15 of my friends to join the CrossFit culture of health and fitness, and have celebrated with all of them as they too, are changed.  Now that I have reached my fitness goals, I find great inspiration in seeing my friends be transformed both body and mind. Like me, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Yes, it is hard…but it is so worth it. CrossFit Mill Town is a great place to be. – Erica


Brandon is a knowledgeable and motivating coach who helps us establish and keep track of our personal fitness goals. Perfect location. Great facility with an ESSENTIAL kid’s play room. Thank you Brandon and Amber! – Eric


As an avid runner and group exercise instructor I was committed to my health and fitness. However, with age I wasn’t seeing results indicative of the time invested until I found Crossfit Mill Town. Brandon continually pushes each client to their individual best effort, usually much further than you’d think you were able. It’s so rewarding to see positive changes not only individually but consistently among all those in our Crossfit Mill Town family. – Ingrid


Before starting CrossFit, I never knew my body could perform as strong as it does in each CrossFit class. Each new workout I am challenged and leave with an amazing sense of accomplishment. When I doubt my ability to complete a workout, Brandon is always there to encourage me to continue and finish to the end. As a result, I am continuing to transform my body. – Serene


My husband and I planned a 10 year wedding renewal in Maui 3 months after our 3rd child was born. Quite ambitious on my part, but with my brother’s help (Brandon Evenson), in those three months, I accomplished more inches lost than any other diet or exercise I had ever done on my own. A year and nine months later, I am addicted. CrossFit Mill Town sees me every morning 6 a.m., 6 days a week. Anyone who knows me knows I never used to workout NOR was I ever up any earlier then I than I had to be. I have seen amazing results and have done workouts and lifted weight I never thought was possible. I look forward to spending an hour everyday with the CrossFit family Brandon has built, and seeing their results. 25 lbs, about 8% body fat and 4 sizes lost—all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH BROTHER! LET’S KNOCK THE BODY FAT INTO THE TEENS! – Angie


I walked into the gym out of shape, over weight and needing a big change. That’s exactly what I got! CrossFit Mill Town changed my life. The results I have experienced are amazing. So far I have lost 35lbs and 20% of my body fat. I’m stronger, leaner, healthier and feel great. In the past when I have joined a gym I felt intimidated, awkward and out of place. Not here, it’s a big fitness family. I was a total beginner coming in and had never even lifted a weight in my life. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and walked me through everything. CrossFit Mill Town has the recipe for success! – Amy


I’m so grateful to have found CrossFit Mill Town! I was very hesitant to join a gym. In the past, I had been disappointed by how quickly I became bored, was never able to achieve my goals and would eventually stop going all together. My perception of a gym changed the day that I walked into CrossFit Mill Town. Right away I was met with knowledgeable coaches and people that encouraged me to push through the tough workouts. Brandon is a great coach! He helped me set and track realistic goals and motivated me to achieve them. Fast forward a few months and I’m in the best shape of my life. Thanks to Brandon and the wonderful community at CrossFit Mill Town, I have found an athlete within myself that I never knew existed! – Jaymi


A year ago I was in a rut. A rut with the gym and my health. I lacked motivation. I would stand at the gym and chose… weights? cardio? yoga? two hours later I didn’t feel like I had been challenged! I had hit a plateau and was bored. I heard of CrossFit and thought it sounded like just another circuit training workout. Boy, was I surprised. First I got addicted to the rush, every day was a new challenge. Then, I got addicted to the results, my body took on a shape I didn’t recognize. My whole life I have been into fitness but never saw results like I did with CrossFit. I gained confidence, energy, crazy endurance, I am so much stronger emotionally, mentally and physically. CrossFit is like nothing I’ve ever done. It’s like having a personal trainer, but still feeding off a groups energy and support. We try something new everyday and I am always surprising myself and exceeding my goal. Now I think of myself as a strong, athletic woman capable of anything! “Thank you” to CrossfFit, Brandon, and all my amazing friends at CrossFit Mill Town! A special note to all women who think they are too fat, too old, too weak, too out of shape to walk through the doors and try CrossFit….there’s super hero inside you trying to get out! – Morgan